BuildurBricks – Lego Rental!

An innovative new toy rental company is saving parents money by offering the newest Lego® sets at a fraction of the cost. With free delivery, on over 150 sets to choose from and no limit on when the toys need to be returned, BuildurBricks will keep children of all ages happy for hours while keeping parents’ purses happy too.

Subscription starts from as low as £9.99/month for smaller sets and goes upto £24.99/month for the difficult sets for Adult Fans of Legos (AFOL’s).


Who are BuildurBricks?

BuildurBricks is run by an enthusiastic team that aims to offer you and your children the best LEGO® rental experience in the country. We want to try and revolutionise how parents and adult fans of legos (AFOL’s) spend on lego toys. Subscribe with us, add your favourite LEGO® sets into your Build list and we will do the rest. You can rent Lego sets for a fraction of the price
you spend every month on new ones. It is that simple. Imagine, not only will you be spending a lot less on buying Legos, but also you won’t stack up sets that your child doesn’t want to play.


What They do

BuildurBricks is currently leasing some of the newest and most popular Lego® sets, including the Jurassic World collection. The Jurassic Park sequel recently raked is $511m at the box office, smashing opening weekend records, so the Lego® set will no doubt be just as popular for children wanting to recreate the film at home. Other sets in demand include Star Wars, Creator, Disney princess and The Lego Movie itself.


Ash Jey, Co-Founder of BuildurBricks said, “All children love Lego® and as it also offers a form of educational and creative play, many parents are happy to fork out for the toy brick sets. However, with new sets coming out all the time, it soon becomes expensive to keep up with and children soon get bored of the old sets. BuildurBricks successfully solves this problem – give your child the gift of Lego®, at a fraction of the retail cost, and let them play with it until they get bored of it or want to swap it for a new set – then simply send it back to us.”

Each Lego® set is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized upon return, so parents can be rest assured that their children will be playing with germ-free bricks. Additionally, each set is delivered with the original instruction manual so children really feel as if they are receiving a brand new Lego® set.

Ash Jey added, “The idea for BuildurBricks came to me after visiting a friend’s house who has two children. The family spent a fortune on Lego® sets, but loose bricks were all over the place as the kids had soon got bored of playing with them. I suddenly thought if parents could rent Lego® instead of buying it new each time, they could save so much money and the kids wouldn’t even notice once they were sent back and replaced with the
most recent one.”

What’s in a BuildurBricks box?

BuildurBricks is set to revolutionise the way children and families play and dissolve the financial pressure parents are under to constantly update toy collections. Visit the website today to sign up and start Building.


How to get

To find out more about BuildurBricks visit our website here and to keep up to date on their exclusive offers – like them on Facebook and follow on Twitter & Pinterest.


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