BRIO prize for campaign against gender categorisation of toys

Let Toys Be Toys will be awarded the BRIO Prize 2015 in recognition of their outstanding grass roots campaign, designed to persuade retailers and toy manufacturers to stop categorising toys by gender. The prize is awarded on February 3, 2016 by the Lennart Ivarsson fund.

Let Toys Be Toys has found a way to bring life to a complicated and sometimes dry issue; children and gender expectations. They have shown that with commitment and efficiency you don’t need large amounts of money or fancy technology to make a difference in a modern world, says Dag Ivarsson, Chairman
of the Lennart Ivarsson fund.

Label toys by theme or function rather than by gender

The essence of the campaign is embodied in the following quote by Let Toys Be Toys:
“Toys are for fun, for learning, for stoking imagination and encouraging creativity. Children should feel free to play with the toys that interest them most. Isn’t it time that shops stopped limiting our children’s imagination by telling them what they ought to play with? The answer is simple – we’re asking retailers and manufacturers to sort and label toys by theme or function, rather than by gender, and let the children decide which toys they enjoy best. Let toys be toys – for girls and boys.”

For us it’s obvious that children should be able to play freely without limiting gender boundaries. It’s an important part of our toy philosophy and our Swedish heritage. We support Let Toys Be Toys and we are happy to see the impact they have had across the industry, says Sophie Elvefors, Commercial Director at BRIO.

This is the 23rd year that the BRIO Prize is being awarded, to either a prominent researcher in the field of children and young adults or a charitable organisation performing important work for the benefit of children and/or young people.

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