Best Family Board Games this Christmas

Best Family Board Game this Christmas

Christmas is a time for family. Too much time spent playing video games can mean kids are missing out on the enormous amount of fun to be had without games consoles. Board games are a great way to get the family together for some traditional family fun. We have put together a list of our favourite family board games.

Guess Who

Another classic, guess who is a game based on elimination process. Each player has to guess which character the other play is by asking questions, i.e. “is your character male or female”. This game can become quite competitive and is a great, quick game for younger kids.

Trivial Pursuit

Before recommending this game it is best to mention that this is not ideal for kids under 16. A great fun way to spend some family time together, Trivial Pursuit relies on player’s general knowledge in a range of subjects to win points over other players. Hours can be spent testing the knowledge of family members and this game always turns into a good laugh.


A really fun game, mouse trap involves trapping other player’s mice. This game is really simple to play and great for younger kids as there is little actual decision making.


Monopoly is a timeless classic. This board game involves players buying property around the board and taking money off players who land on their property. Monopoly is definitely one of our favourites and endless rainy days spent indoors have been sacrificed to this fun game. Why not try junior monopoly for younger kids?

So what are you waiting for? Get the whole family involved in quality time with some good fun board games this Christmas. Click on the ad below for great deals on board games from Argos!

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