Banish bed time fears with Night Guardians

Night GuardiansThese are a great present for children afraid of the dark. The cute little cuddlies are available as either a boy wolf called Thayer, or a girl fox called Skye. Each toy comes with 3 ‘sun crystals’ which your child can place around the room in the scary corners and darkest places. Whenever they get scared, they can simply squeeze the Night Guardian’s paw and all the lights will turn on by remote control. The toys will even reassure them with a spoken mesage, ‘all secure, sleep tight’

They also come with a bedtime story “Night Guardians – Defenders of Dreamtime” to tell them about how brave and adventurous the guardians are. The makers even suggest using the lights as a path to the bathroom or mummy and daddy’s room to make sure the child can find their way safely around the house at night.

These ingenious toys are available now from all good toy stores. Click here to see where you can buy them now.

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