£100,000 collection of Star Wars toys go on sale!

Craig Stevens, a former chairman of the UK Star Wars Fan Club, is auctioning off 70 Star Wars classic toys. He has been collecting the toys since he was seven years old.

One of the highest valued toys on sale is a Boba Fett figurine, valued at up to £15,000 which he originally paid £50 for!

The collector, who has the fantastic job title of ‘Lego Artist’ told the BBC: “I live in a flat, have the rent to pay and a tough wife, so I thought why not sell? I’m looking to start a new life, buy a new house and I think the time is right.”

Quote from the auction house: “People used to laugh at toy collectors but these are serious investments.” – Personally I can’t WAIT for my Teletubbies investments to pay off!

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