10 Popular Retro Toys and Games

10 Popular Retro Toys & Games

When it comes to entertainment, most of the focus these days is on the latest technologies. From innumerable smart phone apps built for entertainment, to the hottest new Xbox games, to the various home entertainment-related devices one can purchase at tech sites like MySmartBuy, there seems to be something new each day to keep us busy and happy. However, for both kids and adults, there are still some old, “retro” toys and games that remain as entertaining and relevant as the day they were created. Not to mention, most of these options are a great deal cheaper than technological alternatives! Here are ten of the best retro games and toys that are still played with today on a regular basis.

1. Rubix Cube
These brain puzzles have proven timeless, and though they are difficult, they are fun to fidget with, and kids of all ages enjoy trying them.

2. Legos
Kids love to build, create, and simulate adventures – and legos offer them all of these things in a single box. Though themes change throughout the years, lego sets have been universally popular for years, and should continue to be.

3. Playdoh
Again, kids love to create, and with Playdoh they can mold anything they choose easily, and with fun colours. It can get a bit messy, but this remains a fantastic toy for young children.

4. Monopoly
For older kids and adults, monopoly is one of the most timeless toys or games in existence. The game can be played on different boards, in different ways, but the basic concept inspires fun competition that can last for hours.

5. Action Figures
These days, an Iron Man figure may be more popular than a G.I. Joe – but the basic concept of action figures and dolls will always be around and entertaining for kids.

6. Dolls & Stuffed Animals
Kids use these toys as much for comfort as for entertainment, but regardless they will always be present. And, just as they do with legos and action figures, kids can make entire worlds using these toys as characters.

7. Etch-a-Sketch
Another creative toy, an etch-a-sketch allows kids to draw and erase pictures as many times as they like without wasting paper or ink. This has always been, and will always be, a funny and entertaining toy.

8. 8 Ball
What could be more fun than shaking an 8 Ball to have a question answered? For kids, not many things – this toy has been a mainstay for years.

9. Yo-Yo
Some yo-yo for fun, others for competition, and others still for creativity – but no matter how it’s done, yo-yo-ing remains a popular activity for children, and even young adults.

10. Easy Bake Oven
Finally, this specific toy remains a wonderful one for young kids. The ability to bake real food in a child-friendly, safe way allows kids to imitate their parents and have a great deal of fun doing it.

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